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Electronic equipment for maintenance
Reliable technology with high impact

With maintenance equipment from Hilger u. Kern Industrial Technolgogy, faults or damages could be detected at an early stage. So, high repair costs could be avoided and a smooth production is ensured.  With our devices, you can quickly and easily determine the condition of industrial plants and act directly. Our leak detectors LEAK-DETECT and LEAKSHOOTER® detect leaks in compressed air networks with an ultrasonic probe. With the in-house developed belt tension measuring device TRUMMETER®, you can measure the tension of drive belts exactly, whether during initial assembly or during maintenance. Hilger u. Kern Industrial Technology also offers belt welding devices and electronic brake units. Our team is always available to answer your questions about our products.

Electronic Brake Units


The frenomat and frenostat electronic brake units

  • reliably and quickly brake asynchronous motors to a standstill without requiring any maintenance or suffering any wear.
  • are the perfect solution for shortening long coasting times (saving time and costs).
  • are components that can be retrofitted in control cabinets without any problem.
  • are maintenance- and wear-free.

Due to systematic action taken to meet the demands of the market, frenomat and frenostat electronic brake units have a wider power spectrum than units comparable in design. In particular, the following features designed to increase service reliability must be highlighted:

  • visual indication of the operating state
  • proven snubber circuit to protect against voltage peaks
  • generous rating of the heat sinks
  • high degree of service reliability – even under rough service and ambient conditions – thanks to protective lacquering
  • captive connecting screws
  • automatic standstill monitoring.


The frenomat 2 electronic brake unit

The frenomat 2 electronic brake unit quickly and reliably brakes three-phase AC motors with a power output of up to 3 kW. frenomat 2 brake units are compact and suitable for snap-fitting on DIN rails. They are only 55 mm wide! The control and power circuits are housed in a rigid and unbreakable plastic enclosure. The braking current and braking time are both infinitely variable and can be adjusted manually. frenomat 2 is also equipped with a standstill monitoring unit on terminal n1 to allow it to be used with drives whose rotating mass is frequently changed.


The frenostat 2000 electronic brake unit

This type of brake unit is used to quickly and reliably brake three-phase AC motors within a power output range from 3 to 100 kW to a standstill. frenostat 2000 is available in 4 different sizes.

Leak Detection Devices


LEAK-DETECT is a specialised development from Hilger u. Kern Industrial electronics. This device is able to detect even the smallest leaks in compressed air systems. These types of leaks are a typical source of nonaudible ultrasonic sound, but at a defi ned frequency. LEAK-DETECT is a reliable detector which converts this sound into an audible signal and optically displays the signal level on a LED-bar.

Belt Tension Measurement


A belt drive achieves its maximum life span when it is configured specifically for the application, the belt is perfectly tensioned and the pulleys are precisely aligned. The TRUMMETER is an electronic measuring instrument that consists of two measuring probes and a microprocessor. It measures the belt tension and is applicable to all types of belts. The measurement result is displayed in Hertz, Newtons or Pounds Force. This result can be compared with the set-point of the belt tension. Drive-belt suppliers (e.g. Hilger u. Kern) list this set-point value in Hertz or Newtons. It depends on the characteristics of the drive system.

Belt Welding Device


Even top-quality products will eventually wear out. The same applies to polyurethane timing belts which, from time to time, need to be replaced. We designed the portable TSG 5 welder to assist you in replacing drive units that take a lot of mounting effort and are difficult to access due to upstream machine components.

The portable TSG 5 welder is easy to operate and allows you to weld polyurethane timing belts onsite, immediately in or at the machine. Two versions of the TSG 5 welding unit are available: for belt widths up to 50 mm and for belt widths up to 100 mm.

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